unPOP, A Philadelphia Stop Motion Studio, Creating snackable content, social media creators, branded content, video, animation
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The Team



Peter Heacock

Peter Heacock is an NYU graduate, award winning documentary filmmaker, and social video director. In 2013, he began experimenting with social video on the Vine App. He learned a lot about what you can squeeze into 6 seconds and still tell a story. From that experience, he engineered a style that works seamlessly across all digital platforms, devices, and broadcast. He is producer, director, and founder of the social video company Unpopular Now. As an artist and maker, Peter crafts hand-made animation for international brands such as: Target, Coke, Chipotle, and Amazon. His videos have been viewed over 150 million times.


Marie Hart

Marie is creative director, crafter, illustrator, spreadsheet maker and default h.r. She gets all the things done. She has a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She makes beautiful things with the computer and with the glue gun.


Oliver Galinni

Oliver makes pictures beautiful for unPOP. He is our cinematographer, Italian chef, and problem solver. We are lucky to have him, when he is not traveling the world.


Jessica Curreri

Jessica is a producer, production manager, creative-connector and mother. She graduated from Emerson College with degrees in Communications and Writing. She has worked in both the advertising and music industries, traveling globally for both business and pleasure. She currently lives in Philadelphia and always by the campsite rule.


Jasper + Django

It's a family business here at unPOP. Jasper can be found pushing toy cars on screen and under our desks.....and Django- he eats the craft services

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