We make content for you out of paper, food, scissors, fancy cameras, hammers, confetti, paint, glitter, computers and a little magic.  

Social Media Content

We make lots of content for the Internet. Little bits of branded video to share on social platforms. The videos are designed to work across platforms and devices. 

Stop Motion

We are super crafty. We love the art supply store and the grocery store and the garage. We want to bring all the things to life. We can bring our style to your campaign. 

Hand Made Magic

We like to get in there and figure out how to make it. We'll take scissors and glue to anything.


Have a great idea but not sure where to go next? We'd be happy to help!


We can make big pieces of content too! We're fully equipped to create content for your phone or your TV!

Post Production

So you've shot all the footage and now you're a bit overwhelmed. We're here to help!